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etsy things + hilarity

Hola blog,

I finished and/or photographed some more Etsy-shop-related things today.

A little apple blossom embroidered onesie...I am kind of in love with this one.

One of several flower pins I've made. These are so fun to make!

Crafty craft craft. In other news, I have been heartily amused and entertained by these links, and hopefully you will be too:

Okay, time for a lunch break and What Not to Wear.



Ms Marigold in progress

Here's my latest update on Ms Marigold. It's going really well! I'm about to start on the ribbing at the bottom, and then I need to procure some size 3 circulars to finish the neckline. The only problem I ran into was when you join to knit in the round, cause by a momentary loss of brain function....I read "CO 10 stitches" as cast off 10 stitches when obviously it was cast ON. Uh, yeah. I felt real smart when I figured that one out!

Anyway, here she is:


Hey blog.

I've been on the crafty tip lately, because I sort of have the idea of setting up a little Etsy shop. I've been working on some things for it, and making up the banner and all that, but I'm not entirely sure that what I'm making will sell. Hmmm. But right now, I don't have much else to do as far as making money, so I might as well!

crochet flowers

That's pretty much what I've been up to this week, and I have some other things finished, too. I always used to have these little schemes when I was a kid about how to make money - selling Kool Aid at my mom's yard sale, starting a dog-walking business, founding a Babysitter's Club knockoff - that never quite panned out. Except for the Kool Aid. And this sort of feels like that all over again, in some ways.

But we'll see! Perhaps I will become the world's first flower-crocheting millionaire.




As promised, here is my little entry about our first attempt at making sushi at home. We've been going out every week practically to our local super-friendly sushi place (with a conveyor belt!) but decided to try it at home.

We used this recipe for instructions on how to make a California roll. Dan decided to fry his crab in panko before rolling it up. Which turned out sort of like crab donuts.

We're not quite skilled at making even rolls, and we probably got as much sushi rice stuck to our hands and the bamboo paddle as actually in the sushi, but it was really fun and it tasted yummy. Will definitely make again!


Earrings for Mom

Dear blog,

I've got lots of little projects going on right now - knitting, cooking, embroidery, beading - and here's one that I finished today and sent off to my mom for her birthday (with some other fun stuff too).

They're made of glass fish-shaped turquoise beads, with coral-colored round glass beads on top. I got the beads and accoutrements (love that word...haha) at the Original Ornament in Carrboro. To be honest, I haven't beaded since I made plastic pony bead bracelets in middle school, and I have no idea what I'm doing. I think these turned out okay, though, and I'm working on some more pairs.

I'm having sort of a craptastic day today, having been rejected from yet another job (and this one would have helped with tuition...oof) so I'm not in the mood to blog extensively about the sushi and decorating projects we did over the long weekend. But I'll post pics and details soon!