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Delila the Wonder Cat

Hi blog!

Goodness, I've been neglectful in writing. Things have been slightly busy lately - we've had lots of out-of-town visitors and have been doing the touristy thing, I've been getting things together for classes starting back, and we're planning a mini-vacation to the beach. Oh, and I FINALLY GOT A JOB. Hooray!! Such good news, and it helps with tuition too. Whew. Things were looking a little dire there, finance-wise.

So, to celebrate, here are some photos of what my cat Delila has been up to lately:

Oh, she's so cute! I could just squeeze her little cheeks!

As far as craftiness, Ms Marigold is juuuuuuust about done. I have to finish the last sleeve. Why is the last 10% of a project always the hardest?!? I've also finished one hand warmer from Knitty's Fetching pattern. It's lovely, and a great pattern to follow. Pictures tommorow before I run off to the beach, I promise! Haha promising to post photos will force me to actually finish them.



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