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Hola blog,

I finished and/or photographed some more Etsy-shop-related things today.

A little apple blossom embroidered onesie...I am kind of in love with this one.

One of several flower pins I've made. These are so fun to make!

Crafty craft craft. In other news, I have been heartily amused and entertained by these links, and hopefully you will be too:

Okay, time for a lunch break and What Not to Wear.



Anonymous Alli said...

Hey! This is sixleaf from Glitter. Thanks for the job hunting encouragement. Your blog is lots of fun. You're making some really cute stuff! I look forward to seeing how ms. marigold turns out.

11:42 AM

Blogger Jos said...

oooo when are you opening your shop?

8:26 PM

Blogger dayna said... should be up within the week! I already have some things listed, but I want to add a couple more. Hopefully soon! : ) I'll add the link to my blog when it's ready.

5:07 PM


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