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Earrings for Mom

Dear blog,

I've got lots of little projects going on right now - knitting, cooking, embroidery, beading - and here's one that I finished today and sent off to my mom for her birthday (with some other fun stuff too).

They're made of glass fish-shaped turquoise beads, with coral-colored round glass beads on top. I got the beads and accoutrements (love that word...haha) at the Original Ornament in Carrboro. To be honest, I haven't beaded since I made plastic pony bead bracelets in middle school, and I have no idea what I'm doing. I think these turned out okay, though, and I'm working on some more pairs.

I'm having sort of a craptastic day today, having been rejected from yet another job (and this one would have helped with tuition...oof) so I'm not in the mood to blog extensively about the sushi and decorating projects we did over the long weekend. But I'll post pics and details soon!



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