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6.23.2006 do people start this blogging thing up again after not posting for the last 7 months? Hmm. I'll just jump right back in and pretend like I didn't ignore this blog's existence since November.

Hey! I'm crafting again! Glory glory halleluh. Since it's summer and I'm not gainfully employed at the moment, I actually have time on my hands to craft, and cook, and read. I'm looking at this time off as a preview for what my summers will be like when I'm the coolest school librarian in town. Summer is such a sweet, sweet word...mmm. Summer.

I just spent $5 on a pattern for Ms Marigold from Zephyr Style, which I've been sweating for like two weeks now. I held off on buying it because I thought I'd have to buy yarn for it, and then yesterday I had a lighting bolt to the brain - use stash yarn!

I bought this Blue Sky Cotton (color 604, aloe) last July during my frantic moving-to-NC phase, because I had a gift certificate to the Knit Nook that had to be used before I moved. Its gorgeous light-blue-green color reminded me of shallow ocean water, and it's unbelievably soft and fluffy. In fact, it's so nice that my cat just grabbed a hank of it in her mouth and ran off with it. Be right back.

Of course, I had no project in mind for the Blue Sky, and it's been sitting in my craft area with a frowny face ever since. It seemed to be too much yardage for a scarf (plus, the whole cotton=not warm thing) and not enough for a more substantial project. But SHAZAM! Along comes Ms Marigold. Perfect. I'll admit, the yardage is about 20 yards less than what the pattern calls for, but I'm probably eliminating the ruffle I'm such a rogue knitter. Math and rules (and reality) be damned.

Okay, off the download my shiny new pattern and commence to swatchin'!


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