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Ms Marigold begins + Zoo

So after giving up hope on finally getting to use the Blue Sky Cotton, I went to AC Moore and got some TLC Cotton Plus , which is a blend of cotton and acrylic, in a light blue color that the label informs me is actually "Mint". I'm a little sad to have to resort to my old standby, cheap-o yarn, but it's actually quite soft and nice-looking. It's a bit like a poor man's version of Cotton Fleece - it has the same bit of sheen to it, and is strechier than 100% cotton.

So a couple nights ago, I cast on, and since then I've done about 25% of it. The pattern is really easy to follow, and the best part - no seaming! Huzzah. I'm getting to the simplest, most mindless-knitting part, which is good for watching movies whilst knitting away.

My other projects are languishing, untouched. I think they're going to have to be in the shadow of Ms Marigold for a few more days.

In other semi-interesting news, we went to the NC Zoo on Saturday with the in-laws. The zoo is awesome, one of the best I've ever visited. My favorite part was an indoor aviary full of tropical plants and birds.

Dan and I wondered if the zookeepers would let us move in, and we could live off the pineapples and starfruits they had growing all around. It was really a (dare I say it?) magical place, and I would love to go back and spend more time exploring.

This zebra is pissed!

This polar bear is sleepy!

The zoo is in a fairly rural location, although it's close to Asheboro, so there are tons of lovely views like this one as you walk around. It's really quite a unique zoo.

Here is me looking like a dorkus amidst even more lovely flowers.

And finally, this is the bridge you cross as you leave the Africa part of the zoo to go home!


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