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the knit nook!

a new yarn store has opened in Louisville! my prayers have been answered. I am so, so excited to check it out. it's owned by a young couple, so no grouchy old ladies will stare at me while I browse for yarn. of course it opens at a time when I happen to be stone cold broke, so unfortunately I can't buy any more yarn but hopefully I can go there soon to look around!

I'm leaving to visit relatives in the Appalachian Mountains this weekend, so hopefully I'll get a bunch of knitting done. Then I'm heading straight on to school, where I likely will get very little knitting done.


Pink fluffy cloud thing

A little photo update on my pink fluffy cloud. It's coming along swimmingly.

Crochet dishcloth

Oh, crochet. How I love thee. You let me finish an entire dishcloth while listening to a Loretta Lynn record.

I made this little number (using Lily cotton in coral swirl) by making a chain of 36, and then single crocheting until it looked like a square. Simple, functional and pink.


Goodbye, fluffy lace camisole. Our time together was short and unproductive. Hello, fluffy pink cloud stole/scarf/thing. This is the first time I've worked without a pattern, and just cast on and started knitting. It's exciting but a little nervewracking. The lace pattern I'm using is loosely based on the Cobweb shawl from Magknits. Photo update soon, when I get some more length done.


I decided to change the name of my blog because I wasn't thinking very creatively when I named it, and I've thought of a better name since then. I hope my massive readership won't be too confused by the change. hehe.

I finished a woven dishcloth for my mum yesterday. You can find the pattern here.