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I've been blazing ahead on my No-Sweat Pants...I finished the legs over the weekend, and knit a few inches on the top. I'm not looking forward to seaming the legs so much, but I'll be really glad to have them finished. I also got some work done on my skully socks. I have the skull part of sock number one finished, and I'm about to turn the heel. I'm off for the next two days, so hopefully I'll get a lot accomplished.

Oh, and I also bought some more yarn at the Hobby Lobby, to make fluffy cuff mittens and maybe a hat and scarf to match. And a bunch of sugar and cream (or is it peaches and cream?) cotton because it was on sale. I had to wrestle some elderly ladies to get it, but I think they learned not to mess with me and my yarn. Actually, I just stood politely behind them while they blocked the aisle and filled up their carts with 30 balls of red and green sparkly yarn to make Xmas doilies.


No-Sweat Pants

So this is the big project I'm working on right now, the No-Sweat Pants from the spring 2004 Interweave. I started them over spring break and knocked off one leg during the long car ride, then set them aside during finals. I picked them back up last week, and I'm just about done with leg two. Observe;

That is my cat's tail on the right there.


So sorry for the lack of updates! We had a giant storm here last Tuesday, and the power was out for five days! Yikes! I got a good amount of knitting done though, in the absence of TV and computers and, uh, lights.

As promised, here are some pics of my shiny new yarn. It's all very luxurious, and will last me for a while, I think.

This is the Cashmerino in egg yellow, snuggled up with the Gedifra Distrato that I bought from Yarn Paradise in Asheville, NC. The Distrato is pink and yellow-y, with some orange-ness thrown in too.


This is the Crystal Palace Whisper in sky blue, Kidsilk Haze in Bebe, and Noro Kureyon. Have no idea what I'm going to do with the fuzzy blue Whisper or Kureyon.  I've tried the fluffy lace camisole three or four times, and it's a disaster so far. Ah well. Maybe I'll try a shawl with the Kidsilk.


Okay, so,there was a tiny little yarn over in the pattern that I somehow missed...will frog and start over in the morningtime.

holy mackerel. I started the fluffy lace camisole from Weekend Knitting and I cannot figure it out. The yarn overs and slip stitches just don't seem to match up from row to row, and I started out with 133 stitches, and now I have 120-something after three rows. This is pretty frustrating, and I can't frog it because the kidsilk haze sticks to itself and is impossible. I think it's time to go to bed.


that was fast!

I just got my yarn order, and it's only been two days. I wasn't expecting it until at least tommorow. I'm really happy with everything, especially the kidsilk haze, which is a lovely girly delicate pink. I'll post photos soon when I get my digital camera back from my boy.


so much knitting news lately!

item one: I just ordered a big fat pile of yarn from yarnmarket exactly one minute ago, and now I have a fizzy excited feeling in my stomach. This is the most yarn I've ever ordered, and I'm feeling a bit guilty for spending a big chunk of cash money. I told myself that it's my reward for putting up with a crappy cashier job this summer, so I don't feel too bad. I deserve it! So here's the goods...

1. Kidsilk Haze in Bebe (ooo la la pink) (2)
2. Cashmerino Aran in egg yellow (2)
3. Noro Kureyan #130 (pink, purple, yellow, orange and a maroony kind of color) (1)
4. Crystal Palace Whisper in soft blue (1)
and... (cue trumpets)
5. Denise interchangeables!

I'm so excited about finally getting a set of Denise needles. I am the sort of knitter who envsions a project at 2 a.m. and must start it immediately, so these will be a lifesaver for me. They make so much sense financilaly, and I can indulge my bamboo love when I buy DPNs.

item two: A new knitting show! Knitty Gritty comes on DIYnetwork now, which I can see thanks to my parents' lovely cable service. I taped the first episode this weekend, and it was pretty cool. I definitely like the host's attitude and enthusiasm and such, but it was a little boring since this was a learn-to-knit episode. Looking at the descriptions of upcoming shows, though, I'm expecting it to be pretty awesome.

item three: The summer Sex and the Knitty! Ha! Edible knitted panties!