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So sorry for the lack of updates! We had a giant storm here last Tuesday, and the power was out for five days! Yikes! I got a good amount of knitting done though, in the absence of TV and computers and, uh, lights.

As promised, here are some pics of my shiny new yarn. It's all very luxurious, and will last me for a while, I think.

This is the Cashmerino in egg yellow, snuggled up with the Gedifra Distrato that I bought from Yarn Paradise in Asheville, NC. The Distrato is pink and yellow-y, with some orange-ness thrown in too.


This is the Crystal Palace Whisper in sky blue, Kidsilk Haze in Bebe, and Noro Kureyon. Have no idea what I'm going to do with the fuzzy blue Whisper or Kureyon.  I've tried the fluffy lace camisole three or four times, and it's a disaster so far. Ah well. Maybe I'll try a shawl with the Kidsilk.


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