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so much knitting news lately!

item one: I just ordered a big fat pile of yarn from yarnmarket exactly one minute ago, and now I have a fizzy excited feeling in my stomach. This is the most yarn I've ever ordered, and I'm feeling a bit guilty for spending a big chunk of cash money. I told myself that it's my reward for putting up with a crappy cashier job this summer, so I don't feel too bad. I deserve it! So here's the goods...

1. Kidsilk Haze in Bebe (ooo la la pink) (2)
2. Cashmerino Aran in egg yellow (2)
3. Noro Kureyan #130 (pink, purple, yellow, orange and a maroony kind of color) (1)
4. Crystal Palace Whisper in soft blue (1)
and... (cue trumpets)
5. Denise interchangeables!

I'm so excited about finally getting a set of Denise needles. I am the sort of knitter who envsions a project at 2 a.m. and must start it immediately, so these will be a lifesaver for me. They make so much sense financilaly, and I can indulge my bamboo love when I buy DPNs.

item two: A new knitting show! Knitty Gritty comes on DIYnetwork now, which I can see thanks to my parents' lovely cable service. I taped the first episode this weekend, and it was pretty cool. I definitely like the host's attitude and enthusiasm and such, but it was a little boring since this was a learn-to-knit episode. Looking at the descriptions of upcoming shows, though, I'm expecting it to be pretty awesome.

item three: The summer Sex and the Knitty! Ha! Edible knitted panties!


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