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I've been blazing ahead on my No-Sweat Pants...I finished the legs over the weekend, and knit a few inches on the top. I'm not looking forward to seaming the legs so much, but I'll be really glad to have them finished. I also got some work done on my skully socks. I have the skull part of sock number one finished, and I'm about to turn the heel. I'm off for the next two days, so hopefully I'll get a lot accomplished.

Oh, and I also bought some more yarn at the Hobby Lobby, to make fluffy cuff mittens and maybe a hat and scarf to match. And a bunch of sugar and cream (or is it peaches and cream?) cotton because it was on sale. I had to wrestle some elderly ladies to get it, but I think they learned not to mess with me and my yarn. Actually, I just stood politely behind them while they blocked the aisle and filled up their carts with 30 balls of red and green sparkly yarn to make Xmas doilies.


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