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I have my first knitting student now! I taught my friend Johanna how to cast on and do garter stitch. Actually, re-taught, because she'd learned last winter and just needed to refresh her memory. And she's doing awesome. It's a little hard to explain the motions to someone else because they've gotten to be second nature for me, but it was fun.

We also went to the LYS, and it only served as a reminder why I don't go there so much. It's far far away, out in the suburbs, and the owners are not very friendly at all. I don't think they're too jazzed about the younger knitters, which is crazy. Who is going to pass on the craft that's allowed them to make a living except us talented young ladies and gentlemen? Plus! They mark everything up so much. Example: One ball of Rowan Kidsilk Haze is about $13.80 on the internet, but they charge something like $15.95! And their selection is smallish. I want to support my local yarn store, but they make it so difficult. I'm thinking of a day trip to Cincinnati, because I think they have three or four yarns stores in the Cincy/Northern Ky area.


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